Personal Keychain Alarm

A neat self defense item that is popular among college girls is the kubaton keychain defense weapon.

The kubaton keychain defense weapon is a simple item. It consists of a key ring and a 5″ metal stick to which the key ring is attached. acrylic charms

It is a very simple tool and is not as controversial as carrying a switchblade knife or a gun. You can attach your household keys to the key ring. When the time comes, you can hold the kubaton in such a way as to utilize a stabbing motion toward your attacker with the butt end of the stick or the keys end of the metal rod.

The keys end would do a bit more damage because as the keys make contact with the attacker’s skin, the keys will act as swift blades to lash away at your attacker’s skin.

The butt end of the tool is as effective too. The butt end can be flat or pointed and be used to strike the attacker’s bony prominences such as his temple, nose, chin, forehead, teeth, or soft areas such as the eyes, stomach, groin or thigh. A perp would not even expect that you have more power to your punches because the kubaton keychain fits nicely into your hand and is easily concealable.

A defense technique with the help of the kubaton keychain can help buy the victim enough time to run away and call for help. An item like this is very easy to learn and effective to use against any attacker.